Truck drivers engaged in aiding wildfire relief efforts will be granted exemptions from the Hours of Service regulations. This exemption applies to extra-provincial truck drivers who are delivering vital supplies to assist emergency operations connected to wildfires in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

The looming threat of advancing wildfires has prompted the evacuation of numerous individuals from Yellowknife and nearby communities.

To utilize this exemption, drivers must inform the provincial Hours of Service director in their respective base jurisdiction about their intent. They are also required to submit relevant documents pertaining to the commercial vehicles they will operate, including plate numbers, driver names, and license information, as outlined by Transport Canada.

While the hours driven under this exemption still need to be monitored, other prerequisites such as valid safety fitness certificates must be upheld.

Importantly, drivers should never be compelled to operate a vehicle while impaired by fatigue to an unsafe extent. They are entitled to a continuous rest period of at least 10 hours when immediate rest is needed. Furthermore, following the delivery of essential cargo, drivers must observe eight consecutive hours of off-duty time.

Maintaining accurate records is crucial. Drivers must explicitly note in their duty status records that they are operating under the specified exemption, referencing Tracking Number ASF-2023-02E.

Shippers are strongly advised to indicate on the bill of lading that the transported goods directly contribute to emergency relief endeavors.